Thursday, January 28, 2010


This from
"Mattel has raised eyebrows everywhere with its rather interesting decision to auction off a Barbie doll wearing a burka as a collectors item.
With all due respect – what in Sam’s heck is Mattel thinking?
Mattel argues that the doll -- one of several special edition international themed Barbies up for auction -- honors Islamic culture and tradition – which is fine, except that this particular curio of Islamic culture and tradition also symbolizes radical oppression and violence towards women.
Islamic women worldwide are fighting oppression and demanding free lifestyles and real education – and they are paying a steep price for it as was seen the during feminized Iranian democratic revolts of this past summer.
Toy companies should not be promoting an oppressed burka Barbie at a time when the West desperately needs to support moderating and liberalizing reforms in countries tormented by despotic Islamofascist regimes.
What next? Beheaded Barbie? If you order in the next twenty minutes do you get the discounted stoning accessory kit with “honor killing” instructions for only $19.99 more?"

Friday, January 01, 2010


I have been experimenting with my new scanner to make this image. With genetic engineering in the news I am pondering some of the possibilities with my artwork.