Sunday, October 09, 2016

jewellery to buana satu

Thanks to Helen's support I now have jewellery on show at Buana Satu once again.
Here are some shots - some of the pieces made from the miniature sugar skulls I bought in California earlier in the year as well as an old radio valve as pendant. The chains are made from pieces of bicycle inner tube and knitting needles made into rings.

hobby horses

Last year I made four hobby-horse heads by cutting the shape out of pieces of 5-ply any then covering them with different objects:  shells, Monopoly money, a jig-saw,and some NZ stamps from the 1970‘s. The eyes are made of beer-bottle caps & black buttons, the reins are pieces of inner-tube, while to make the manes I used wool for two heads and old typewriter ribbons for the others.
This week I mounted them onto bases and took them in to "Buana Satu".

Thursday, October 06, 2016

artweek opening

It’s Artweek in Auckland, and last evening the opening for the K Rd section was held at the international art and craft store “Buana Satu” in K Rd.

I had been assisting with retail sales at the shop during the afternoon, and stayed on to run the bar for the evening.

A small but enthusiastic group attended, networked and had a fun time.....

jandals & driftwood

This week I have made some more jandal art pieces for "Buana Satu".
I mounted the fish-shapes cut from jandals found on my beachcombing trips around the North Island here in NZ onto interesting pieces of driftwood I have salvaged along the coasts. Pieces of discarded fishing ropes serve as hangers so that the works may be attached to walls .....
As an environmental artist I attempt to fashion artworks which address serious environmental issues (in this case the pollution of our seas and the depletion of fish stocks) in a gentle, even humourous fashion, as I find that people respond to humour in a far more positive manner than they do to blaming and accusatory approaches.......

Monday, October 03, 2016

Buana Satu update

Helen at “Buana Satu” in K Rd has displayed the jandal fish and shell hangers as well as the Feng Shui artworks I took into the shop last week.With the advent of spring retail activity should pick up, and of course Christmas shopping will begin soon. Let’s hope for some sales - which will give me an excuse to make more pieces!
clock from junk....
united tribes flag

Thursday, September 22, 2016

NZ road trip videos

After a break from the computer I have been busy uploading short videos of my autumn 2016 road trip up to 90-mile beach - along the way I beachcombed for jandals and interesting floatsam and jetsam for my environmental artworks.

See my youtube channel for these videos (and more!):