Friday, February 18, 2011


Last week protestors in Cairo donned innovative headgear to protect themselves from flying stones:
This chap has placed a lot of trust in his lunch - a BLT & 2 baguettes!
 A real dish!

 "Take this tuna-fish sandwich - you bastids!"
 The block-head
"What do you mean by 'square-head'?"
The real thing - classic anarchist street-wear!
"Mohammed! where's the xxxxing chamber pot?"

Sunday, February 13, 2011


 Charles Darwin: "Two things are infinite - the universe & the human capacity for stupidity".
The Darwin Awards honor Charles Darwin by commemorating those who yield to natural selection and "remove" themselves from the gene pool...
...thereby ensuring that the next generation is smarter by one.
"Safety Last!" Of necessity, the award is usually bestowed posthumously.

NZPA - A witness has described how darkly dressed figures, apparently drunk, were stumbling along a dark Northland road before a teenager was hit and killed by a police car.
Rawiri was hit by a police patrol car on a straight section of State Highway 1 at Ohaeawai on July 25, 2009, while walking home with a friend late on a cold and dark night after attending a social function.
Several witnesses including two Kamo firemen, Denis Hewitt and Stephen Gurnick, who were also returning home from a social evening, told the coroner of figures "dressed in black ... stumbling ... appeared drunk" walking along the road with their backs to approaching vehicles.
They were on the grass verge but one veered out over the fog line waving his arms.
Mr Hewitt, who was driving, said he had to swerve over the centre line to miss the figure. Luckily no vehicle was coming the other way. Mr Gurnick recalled shouting "they'll get hit if not careful".
Another witness, Joanne Davis-Cooper, said she was following the police patrol car when she saw its brake lights go on suddenly and then the red and blue flashing lights. She said they were doing about 80km/h in the 100km/h zone.
She stopped to help and a police officer said "something like `they came out of nowhere'."
A figure was lying face down on the road and a young man was screaming, swearing, kicking the police car and punching the constable.
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...breaking news - with this incident & the outflow of Kiwis to OZ, the average NZ IQ is said to be approaching room temperature - Muldoon would be proud...

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