Friday, October 30, 2015

I find some old photographic slides

My Far North Road Trip - in a Kaikohe junk shop I came across a box of old colour slides from the 1970’s. I find discarded social history of this sort fascinating - here are highlights of someone’s life, carefully, and probably proudly, recorded and annotated....then under different circumstances simply junked.
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industrial devastation

Visiting old, abandoned industrial sites is a rare pleasure. On my Far North road-
On Sunday of Labour Day with no-one around I was able to explore the site quite thoroughly....

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trip I came across a burnt-out wood-mill in Kaitaia opposite the cemetery.

Monday, October 26, 2015

road kill: found and shared

Currently I an on a road trip in the Far North of New Zealand.

Although I have seen several instances of road-kill on this trip, they have so far been either too mangled, too old, or too large (a turkey and a goose) to salvage.

However, just outside of Tauranga Bay I came across a fresh, manageable rabbit.
As you can see the eye is still clear.

I wrapped the body in newspaper, and later skinned and gutted it at Whangaroa, then hung it in the van for 2 days - it was so fresh it attracted no flies!

At Taipa I met some locals who invited me to stay the night on their property, in return I shared my find with them - cooked in a can of tomatoes, with diced pumpkin and carrot, some ginger, and the Promite and beef stock I carry for making gravy.

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Friday, October 09, 2015

road trip to the far north

Tomorrow I leave for points north in my camper van: Matakohe, Keri Keri (to the Men's Shed), Coopers Beach, Kaitaia (another Men's Shed), Hokianga Harbour, Rawene, Kauri forest, Waipu.

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This blog will cover my beachcombing activities as well as look at issues relating to social history, local flora and fauna, and geology.

the musket wars

recycling manifesto

Some time ago I was invited to be a judge at the "Trash to Fashion" show on Waikeke Island.
At the symposium before the show I gave a talk entitled:

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I will print this text out and make copies available at the assemblage exhibition I am participating in at the Depot Community Art Gallery in March 2016.
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