Monday, January 30, 2012

browns bay tab closes

After over a decade in business the Browns Bay TAB in Anzac Square closed in mid - December 2011 and moved to Albany.

Not only is the betting industry in trouble, so is the bloodstock industry. This year's sales at Karaka have been disappointing. Read HERE for more information from Radio National.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

peace within

For some 40 years the writings of Lao Tzu have been an inspiration for my life and underpinned much of my artwork. Here is a particular favourite:

The Power in Needing Less

Which is dearer:
Name or life?
Which means more:
Life or wealth?
Which is worse:
Gain or loss?

The stronger the attachments,
The greater the cost.
The more that is hoarded,
The deeper the loss.

Know what is enough;
Be without disgrace.
Know when to stop;
Be without danger.

"Zen Circle" - an original artwork by Martin Adlington
Screenprints on kozo paper
$US30 + postage

"In the Taoist view,  individuals who are materially orientated - who identify themselves with their possessions - have no real purpose in the universe other than moving matter from place to place and reproducing other life forms. Materially-orientated individuals cannot evolve because their attachment to, & hoarding of, matter trains the mind to view reality as fixed & unflowing.This worldview is in harmony with death, not growth; and the larger meaning behind consciousness remains hidden.
Those who follow the Tao (Way of Power) realize that they are in a more powerful position when they are mobile, unburdened, & independent. For the Taoist, excessive possessions are treated like ballast - their release gives greater buoyancy. Just as air rushes in to fill a vacuum, more things will come into, and pass through, such lives.Most importantly, the capacity to need less & pass on things brings evolved individuals closer to their true nature and closer to the continuous unfolding of Reality." - from "The Tao of Power" by R.L.Wing

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

a dumpster dive

I found a dumpster today & dived in!
My main finds of interest were:
- a film camera ( Agfa Silette)
- 2 jandals to make into art
- a 1954 copy of "William & the Moon Rocket" by Richmal Crompton (I used to read these as a kid)
- a satellite navigation kit for the van
- a retro table lamp
- a metal strainer to make into a clock
- a hand-crocheted blanket

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the end is nigh - the recesion hits browns bay

This is the first of a series of posts documenting some the changes in the community where I live. As the economic situation worsens, business here in Browns Bay are closing their doors. When the mall opened at nearby Albany in 2007 the fall-off in trade, visitors & traffic was immediately apparent in this beach-side suburb.Then the recession began in 2008, & the rot began with the closure of the Woolworths Supermarket.
Although the 2011 Rugby World Cup was touted as being a potential financial bonanza for business of all types, in fact the only ones to benefit were the RWC itself & the grog merchants who sponsored the whole thing.
Trade for most retailers declined as any disposable income people had was spent on expensive tickets for the games.Christmas sales were subdued - people are paying for all the toys houses & batches they bought when credit was readily available. So far there has been very little summer weather to bring people to the beach - so trade has suffered another blow.
Here is an example of how bad it has been - one business owner told me  that his takings for May 2011were 20% down on May 2010.
"That's bad" I commiserated.
He gave me a wry look & continued: "And my takings for May 2010 were 50% down on May 2009."
The business closed at the end of the next month when the lease expired.
The owner predicted that as leases ran out in the village, other business would not renew, & would close down.
Rents for a small shop here are $1,000 a week.
In the past few months Video Easy has closed, as have Hannahs Shoes, Vodafone, the TAB, a hairdresser, a long-established interiors store, a Kiwi gift shop.
Watch this space for updates.....