Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"we are not not corrupt" - yeah right

"There is nothing wrong with ministers accepting hospitality from the Government's banker Westpac, and it won't have any bearing on the decision that will follow a competitive tender process for the contract, Prime Minister John Key says.
The Green Party today released the results of a series of written questions to Government ministers over their relationships with Westpac.
Nine ministers said they had accepted corporate hospitality from Westpac in the past year, including box seats at the rugby sevens, dinner at the White House restaurant in Wellington, and tickets to rock concerts.
Thirteen ministers said their staff had accepted similar hospitality from the bank."
source - radio nz 

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Sunday, May 08, 2011

waste not want not

Last week I began collecting aluminum to cash-in at the scrapyard. I picked up these three cans across the road from my house - all are full! Are these people so out of it that they can't tell a full can from an empty one?...anyhow cheers guys!.....
PS I already collect electrical wire, every six months or so I have a banana box full - which nets me $25 at the scrapyard.

“Although nearly 66% of Australians say they cannot afford to buy everything they really need, they admit to spending $10.5 billion a year on goods they do not use. That is $1226 for every Australian household - more than the total government spending on universities, pharmacuticals or roads. They threw away more than $5.2B worth of food & drink in 2004. 35% of Australians admit to discarding more than $500 worth of fresh food a year, with 14% throwing away more than $2500 worth."
from "Affluenza - when too much is never enough" p103-104 
by Clive Hamilton & Richard Dennis 

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