Friday, August 26, 2011

steve robs retires

Today Steve Jobs (aka Steve Robs) announced his retirement from Apple.
According to the media he is regarded as a "god" by some in the industry.
Somehow I hardly think that the people who slave in the Apple factories to produce ipods "Now In White" (gosh!) for some .50c a day would agree.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

just another commodity

Microsoft received much Twitter flak after a small PR account for Xbox encouraged followers to remember recently deceased musician Amy Winehouse by buying her last album on the company's entertainment marketplace, Zune.
After about an hour of retweets - with comments such as "classy", "crass much?" and "Microsoft – failing at social media" - the account tweeted a follow-up.
"Apologies to everyone if our earlier Amy Winehouse 'download' tweet seemed purely commercially motivated," it said. "Far from the case, we assure you."
Microsoft is not the only company that has seemingly attempted to capitalise on the star's death.
Apple posted an image of Winehouse on the front of the iTunes store with the caption "remembering Amy Winehouse".

Her breakout album, the Grammy winning Back to Black, has subsequently become the No.1 album in the store.
Amazon also posted a brief obituary that linked to a page where shoppers can buy the singer's music.
Sales of Back to Black increased 37 times immediately after Winehouse's death.

What do you expect? She's simply a commodity- like everyone else.

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passports?..what passports??

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

murdoch bullshit

.....from "The Telegraph": Phone hacking: David Cameron tries to move on from hacking scandal
David Cameron is to attempt to bring an end to the furore over the phone hacking scandal today so that he can address the issues that “really matter” to Britons.

Speaking on the final day of a visit to Africa, the Prime Minister indicated that he needed to soon focus on creating jobs, tackling immigration and reforming the welfare system.
Mr Cameron will today announce the terms of reference for a judicial-led inquiry into the phone hacking scandal.
The inquiry, which will begin work within weeks, will focus on media ethics, and the relationship between the press, politicians and the police.
However, the Prime Minister is now understood to believe that the intense furore over the scandal should subside and the inquiry - and police investigation - should work in a less “frenzied” environment.
Senior Downing Street sources believe that the coverage of the scandal has lost a “sense of perspective” this week, amid calls for the Prime Minister to resign."

What really matters here, David, is the  inference that the Murdoch press has influenced the election and policy of historical British governments. In fact, it seems to be more than an is increasingly apparent that Murdoch has manipulated the "democratic" system to his own ends.
Murdoch's predatory approach will have made him many enemies, & son James appears to be arrogant beyond belief. We are seeing splits in the Murdoch family - which may well lead to the demise of the "dynasty" Rupert had so carefully established.
There's an old saying "You can run - but you cannot hide"...

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"we are not not corrupt" - yeah right

"There is nothing wrong with ministers accepting hospitality from the Government's banker Westpac, and it won't have any bearing on the decision that will follow a competitive tender process for the contract, Prime Minister John Key says.
The Green Party today released the results of a series of written questions to Government ministers over their relationships with Westpac.
Nine ministers said they had accepted corporate hospitality from Westpac in the past year, including box seats at the rugby sevens, dinner at the White House restaurant in Wellington, and tickets to rock concerts.
Thirteen ministers said their staff had accepted similar hospitality from the bank."
source - radio nz 

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Sunday, May 08, 2011

waste not want not

Last week I began collecting aluminum to cash-in at the scrapyard. I picked up these three cans across the road from my house - all are full! Are these people so out of it that they can't tell a full can from an empty one?...anyhow cheers guys!.....
PS I already collect electrical wire, every six months or so I have a banana box full - which nets me $25 at the scrapyard.

“Although nearly 66% of Australians say they cannot afford to buy everything they really need, they admit to spending $10.5 billion a year on goods they do not use. That is $1226 for every Australian household - more than the total government spending on universities, pharmacuticals or roads. They threw away more than $5.2B worth of food & drink in 2004. 35% of Australians admit to discarding more than $500 worth of fresh food a year, with 14% throwing away more than $2500 worth."
from "Affluenza - when too much is never enough" p103-104 
by Clive Hamilton & Richard Dennis 

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


"...research shows that most compulsive buyers have histories of depression, anxiety disorders & substance abuse. Yet 'shopping 'till you drop' is seen as a sign of a happy-go-lucky disposition rather than a meaningless life."
from "Affluenza - when too much is never enough" p.16
by Clive Hamilton & Richard Dennis
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Friday, February 18, 2011


Last week protestors in Cairo donned innovative headgear to protect themselves from flying stones:
This chap has placed a lot of trust in his lunch - a BLT & 2 baguettes!
 A real dish!

 "Take this tuna-fish sandwich - you bastids!"
 The block-head
"What do you mean by 'square-head'?"
The real thing - classic anarchist street-wear!
"Mohammed! where's the xxxxing chamber pot?"

Sunday, February 13, 2011


 Charles Darwin: "Two things are infinite - the universe & the human capacity for stupidity".
The Darwin Awards honor Charles Darwin by commemorating those who yield to natural selection and "remove" themselves from the gene pool...
...thereby ensuring that the next generation is smarter by one.
"Safety Last!" Of necessity, the award is usually bestowed posthumously.

NZPA - A witness has described how darkly dressed figures, apparently drunk, were stumbling along a dark Northland road before a teenager was hit and killed by a police car.
Rawiri was hit by a police patrol car on a straight section of State Highway 1 at Ohaeawai on July 25, 2009, while walking home with a friend late on a cold and dark night after attending a social function.
Several witnesses including two Kamo firemen, Denis Hewitt and Stephen Gurnick, who were also returning home from a social evening, told the coroner of figures "dressed in black ... stumbling ... appeared drunk" walking along the road with their backs to approaching vehicles.
They were on the grass verge but one veered out over the fog line waving his arms.
Mr Hewitt, who was driving, said he had to swerve over the centre line to miss the figure. Luckily no vehicle was coming the other way. Mr Gurnick recalled shouting "they'll get hit if not careful".
Another witness, Joanne Davis-Cooper, said she was following the police patrol car when she saw its brake lights go on suddenly and then the red and blue flashing lights. She said they were doing about 80km/h in the 100km/h zone.
She stopped to help and a police officer said "something like `they came out of nowhere'."
A figure was lying face down on the road and a young man was screaming, swearing, kicking the police car and punching the constable.
see further idiocy at 

...breaking news - with this incident & the outflow of Kiwis to OZ, the average NZ IQ is said to be approaching room temperature - Muldoon would be proud...

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Sunday, January 09, 2011


My roast dinners aren't bad, & everyone enjoys the dark gravy I make, but truely crispy roast potatoes have always eluded me - until I found a recipie by Delia Smith. This method uses fat/dripping drained from previous roasts & bacon breakfasts - this makes the potatoes even more flavoursome.
* there are two essentials: the potatoes need to be par-boiled, & the fat needs to be really hot.....
- Wash the potatoes cut into pieces [say twice the size of a walnut], & simmer for 8 minutes, drain well.
- Put the lid back onto the pot & give the potatoes a good shake. This will roughen the edges, making them floury & crispier. The small broken bits will go extra crunchy!
- Meanwhile, preheat a sturdy roasting pan with 50g [2 oz] dripping per 500g [lb] potatoes to 220C/425F. If the roast is still cooking, move it to a lower shelf. If done, remove it from the oven & cover - relaxing the meat will allow the juices to soak back into the joint.
- Turn on a stovetop element to medium, remove the roasting pan from the oven, place over the heat, & add the potatoes. The fat needs to be really hot at this point so that the potatoes seal. Baste & turn the potatoes, then return the pan to the oven on the highest shelf to roast for 45-55 minutes. Turn at half time.
- These roast potatoes are best served as soon as possible.
*Whilst I realize that using dripping is not PC at present, animal fats have, however, been an essential part of human diet for a very long time, & the body needs fats for many metabolic processes. Vegetable oils are great for frying & salads, but for a true roast potato flavour, you can't beat dripping. My parents grew up in England during the depression of the '30's [we're in another one now], when bread & dripping was a meal. My mum kept a tin of fat saved from roasts & frying in the 'fridge & so do I. The brown jelly at the bottom is delicious! Try some on toast with a smear of Marmite...

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