Saturday, October 04, 2008


Every year there is a competition for artwork for the cover of the telephone book in each city in NZ. Here is my entry for Auckland.
Entitled “Flip Flop Fish Family” I have tried to sum up the “feel” of Auckland - family life, beach fun, recreational fishing, our casual lifestyle (many people go barefoot or simply wear jandals), the tapa design border references the large Polynesian population, & the Chinese text (“Give Thanks for the Abundance of Heaven”) refers to the growing Asian influence here.
The backing is a piece of a real-estate sign - as elsewhere there has been a greedy property scramble - which has thankfully collapsed for a while.
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Barbara said...

I like the symmetry of this; the brightness of the primary blue;the attention to detail with the tapa and the inclusion of the Chinese text. There is simplicity and movement. Well done.

Martin Adlington said...

Thanks again Barbara - it took a while to bring this piece together,& is a bit more commercial-looking than I would like....but it is tailored to a certain purpose....martin