Sunday, May 23, 2010


In late 2009 villages & the tourist resort on the remote northern Tongan island of Niuatoputapu were devastated by the Samoan tsunami.
The Australian & New Zealand governments supplied some initial relief assistance, but as so many personal possessions were lost, people on the island are still struggling to get by.
With the generous help of friends here in Auckland, I have begun to gather everyday items which will prove useful to the inhabitants of Niua.
If any yachties can assist us by taking some of the goods we have collected to Niua, especially from Auckland, we would all be most grateful.
Donations are most welcome, the main need appears to be for cooking utensils [especially cast iron pot'n'pans, & knives], & tools, towels & sheets, soap, toothbrushes, & first aid materials....
Children's toys are unnecessary [!], & there appears to be more than ample clothing.
The ferry only visits Niua once a month, so supplies are scarce & expensive, there is a mail plane - but freight costs are prohibitive.
My contacts are ...(09)479 1808

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