Thursday, January 26, 2012

peace within

For some 40 years the writings of Lao Tzu have been an inspiration for my life and underpinned much of my artwork. Here is a particular favourite:

The Power in Needing Less

Which is dearer:
Name or life?
Which means more:
Life or wealth?
Which is worse:
Gain or loss?

The stronger the attachments,
The greater the cost.
The more that is hoarded,
The deeper the loss.

Know what is enough;
Be without disgrace.
Know when to stop;
Be without danger.

"Zen Circle" - an original artwork by Martin Adlington
Screenprints on kozo paper
$US30 + postage

"In the Taoist view,  individuals who are materially orientated - who identify themselves with their possessions - have no real purpose in the universe other than moving matter from place to place and reproducing other life forms. Materially-orientated individuals cannot evolve because their attachment to, & hoarding of, matter trains the mind to view reality as fixed & unflowing.This worldview is in harmony with death, not growth; and the larger meaning behind consciousness remains hidden.
Those who follow the Tao (Way of Power) realize that they are in a more powerful position when they are mobile, unburdened, & independent. For the Taoist, excessive possessions are treated like ballast - their release gives greater buoyancy. Just as air rushes in to fill a vacuum, more things will come into, and pass through, such lives.Most importantly, the capacity to need less & pass on things brings evolved individuals closer to their true nature and closer to the continuous unfolding of Reality." - from "The Tao of Power" by R.L.Wing

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