Thursday, September 27, 2012

chinese big brother

What most of us internet users don't realize or fully appreciate is the extent to which our on-line activities are being monitored, recorded, stored, bundled and sold to advertisers (& other interested, and even more sinister, parties).
We may be vaguely aware that "cookies" (activity trackers) are stored on our computers (which can & should be deleted in your browser's daily.
I have recently enabled which, in real time, notifies you of other "trackers" of your activity & data -& will block such moles on request.
For example, I searched for this evening. 
Ghostery informed me that it had blocked nine (yes 9) trackers on the page I found.
Among them was this entity:
How's that for jargon??
They are saying that they are tracking visitors to sites and selling the ISP addresses as well as other relevant information ( ie our other web searches, physical address, contacts age, sex, sexual preferences. income, race, location, sites, criminal convictions, tax details, employment details, credit information, bank account details, citizenship & residency info, hobbies, interests, car rego, photos, emails, power usage, water consumption, insurance details, children & pets' names, favourite foods, drugs of choice....etc....etc.....)
I assume from their name that this entity is Chinese.
We all know that all activity, whether private, business, or corporate, in China is strictly controlled and monitored by the Chinese government...ergo: the Chinese government is collecting our personal data.
For what ends?
I guess so that they have a handle on each and every one of us when they take over, so that they can take out or lean on any of us they deem to be "subversive" - and bear in mind that "subversive" activity in China is called "free speech" in the West.
Am I paranoid with this reasoning & deduction?
But as good friend of mine constantly reminds me: "just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean that they won't get you"!

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