Sunday, September 10, 2017

pop-up art installation

As part of Auckland Artweek 2017, I will participate in LOOK@KRd with a pop-up installation in the window of the shop Buana Satu 229 K Rd, Auckland.

As an environmental artist living on the North Shore in Auckland, and am honored to be able to present this installation as part of my long-standing and on-going body of work entitled “Our Dying Planet”.

My installation will have an environmental theme - the rapid and continuing extinction of species in NZ.

 Entitled "Steampunk Explorers and Moa Bones" this piece is intended to be a wake-up call as to what we have squandered and lost comparatively recently in this once-pristine land.

Brief Artist's Statement:
"The story suggested by this installation is that in 1888 a group of steampunk explorers fly in an airship to unexplored Fiordland in search of the last of the moa.

Unfortunately, the extinction of the moa had been rapid - it is estimated that within 100 years of Polynesians landing in New Zealand the entire population of this unique species had been killed and eaten.

On display here are some Steampunk-style clothing worn by the airship crew, several pieces of their equipment, as well as the expedition’s finds of moa remains."

Below Professor Adlington with moa bones and egg:

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