Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Metal “Pour”

When I was in Napier last summer I spent time out at Haumoana beach, just south of Napier.
(“hau” = wind/breath, “moana” = sea/ocean...so “breath/breathing of the ocean” I guess)
There is no sand here on this rugged west coast shore - but zillions of small black pebbles instead. The waves roll them up & down the steep beach......& the sound is amazing, just like the sea breathing in & out. I took a short video too, & love to listen to it with the sound up LOUD!
One day I drove the van onto the beach & when I jumped out - this incredible piece of art was right at my feet. People had lit a bonfire & thrown pieces of thin alloy metal from a car into the flames - which melted & later solidified into this fabulous amorphous shape.
On the back of the piece are stuck hundreds of stones from the beach....a great memento of my happy beach combing days at Haumoana.

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