Monday, September 08, 2008


Last week I found a video on Alexander Calder in the library. What most intrigued me was the graceful way his gigantic mobiles danced in space - the static images in books give no hint of this beauty.
Another aspect I found interesting was the fact that the connecting wires are not all straight, as one sees in most commercial versions of this art form, in contrast Calder’s wires curve aerodynamically.
Yesterday I bought some suitable wire & got to work.....& it’s not that easy!!
As a jeweller, small constructions appeal to me, so I tried my hand on a miniature scale using discs cut from plastic bottle tops, & then some plastic tiki from the souvenir shop.....I was quite pleased with the results, & am at present working on a larger version for submission to an art competition.
A slight breath sets the pieces into action - spinning & bobbing. and under a directed light they cast the most fantastic shadows on the wall.
I look forward to making videos of this poetry in motion.
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Barbara said...

These would also look wonderful if you hung something like Swarowski crytals, or small prisms from the wires - Barbara

Martin Adlington said...

Thanks Barbara - actually i have a broken crystal chandelier which I am contemplating using - tho I would like to add another piece of detrius of some sort to provide a counter-point....when I find that i will make one as you suggest. Martin