Wednesday, March 07, 2012

business chinese-style

 Sunday Star Times 11 Dec 2011:

 Those touting increased business links with China and the sale of NZ farmland to Chinese businessmen may find this article an interesting read. Dubious business schemes in China have evidently "seen many people flee".

"A decade of soaring economic growth has also fuelled a fraud boom that Chinese academics say has seen more than US$130 billion spirited out of the country by corrupt officials....foreign governments had been asked to help repatriate some company owners, preferably with the money they took......A Bank of China report recently found that almost half of the country's millionaires were considering leaving."

NZ seems to be a destination of choice.

I had planned to post a link to the article, but at
the Star Times wants readers to pay to read last year's news online - somehow I don't think so.
Where I come from it's an old custom to use even yesterday's papers to wrap fish and chips in.

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