Monday, March 12, 2012

the perils of social media

Fairfax bought into social media in a big way - they are now finding out that the beast bites as well as feeds. This from the NZ Herald:
"The $92 tickets for the three April shows in Auckland and Wellington sold out in minutes but within hours some had been listed on Trade Me. The bids have sky-rocketed as more tickets were listed. Last night there were almost 40 listings, with pairs of tickets costing as much as $735.

In the last week, 224 auctions for One Direction tickets have been listed on Trade Me. The One Direction concerts weren't one of the Ministry of Economic Development's events under the Major Events Management Act so it was legal to on-sell tickets"
- Trade Me spokesman Mr Ford said.

May I suggest that if just one of the disaffected teenagers makes a video of their problem re this issue & posts it to youtube, it will go viral - & cause Fairfax one hell of a problem....that's all it takes....I've tried it with LG & Orcon when I had problems & no joy from customer support.....& I can tell you it works!!

read the article:

And check this article out on the same subject from the Sydney Morning Herald:
"The power of social media is far greater than any single message. And it will be used for misinformation as well as information, for ill as well as good."

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