Wednesday, March 15, 2017

browns bay parking shrinking

According to press releases, work on turning the old New World site into a large square block of glass, concrete and steel is projected to begin around the middle of the year.
With the provision of only 78 carparks for the 64 apartments (plus 5 or 6 retail outlets) it looks as though this development will a make a considerable contribution to the growing parking problems facing Browns Bay.
Staff in the Victor office in Clyde Road informed me that each of the 6 penthouses will have two carparks, the two-bedroom apartments will have one each, and the one-bedroom  habitations will not be provided with any parking spaces whatsoever.
This week a wire fence has been erected around the West and part of the South sides of the old structure, however there is as yet no evidence of preparations for any demolition work.

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