Thursday, August 14, 2008

First Prize

Last month I entered 5 pieces into a local art exhibition entitled "Paper, Plastic, Packaging" - all entries had to be made from recycled/reclaimed materials.
I was pleased & most surprised to win first prize with my entry "Flip-Flop Fish" - comprising fish shapes cut from jandals/thongs/flip-flops {call them what you will} which I found on beaches during my summer travels in my camper-van around the North Island. They looked a little boring, all being plain colours, so I splashed some paint on them a la Jack the Dripper [Jackson Pollock] - & they came out pretty well.
Will post the other entries over the next few days.
At present I am working on a mobile Alexander Calder-style using more flip-flop fish - it's great making something which moves: painting certainly is dead!
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Carlos Luis DeMedeiros said...

There's no way to not like your Flip Flop fishes.
I had a best in show last year using sun dry fish from Chinatown, and a empty sardine tin.
I work with recycle material too
let me tell you, in NYC you never stop to find threasures