Friday, August 08, 2008


An unbearable reality of present-day life is that as the natural resources of our world are depleted, they become replaced by an environment of manufactured objects, and these industrial artefacts become the raw materials from which we must produce more.

The role of the recycled artist (the bricoleur) is to refashion new visions of our world from its leavings, transforming not only objects but meanings, and introducing new ways of experiencing and imagining our world and ourselves.

In many ways recycling - or the process of borrowing, quoting, and recontextualizing objects, images and ideas - is the best metaphor for the way in which meaning is constructed and understood in our contemporary world.

Art is therefore the process whereby we transform the crudity of our world and make it bearable.

I have made art & craft work from recycled materials all my life, but I am now concentrating on that aspect: hence I have re-invented myself as the Professor of Garbology, with the motto: “Recycled-Reseen. Reused-Resold”.
This year I have been gathering materials seriously (mainly by beachcombing and dumpster diving) on my travels around the North Island.
In July 2008 I entered 5 pieces into a local art show “Paper, Plastic, Packaging”. To my surprise I won first prize (& all the works sold). This small success has provided sufficient encouragement for me to continue on this course of producing art made from, & concerning, the environment, particularly my local environs here on the north shore of Auckland.

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