Thursday, August 21, 2008

more recycled art

I have always admired the works of Andy Goldsworthy, & have often said “If only I could see as he does”!
With my growing interest in trash, I am beginning to see in my OWN way - jandals are fish, in tin cans I see arms/legs/bodies of robots, or parts for trucks. Other broken, worn pieces of metal & plastic are ideally suited for inclusion in assemblage works concerning the environment.
Recently I returned from beachcombing with a bag of pieces of plastic. I emptied the bag out onto the floor, & immediately “saw” a spontaneously-produced composition. I took a photo, them threw the pieces again..& again. The results are here.
Andy G. performs “throws” with dust & sticks - which don’t particularly appeal to me, but I can see that the approach has a lot of potential....these are my first efforts along these lines- it’s great fun!

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